Press release: Zapnito announces rapid launch package to provide a quick online solution to event organizers

[ London, March 19, 2020] Zapnito, the knowledge sharing and expert community SaaS platform, has announced a digital event package, set up to help event organizers facing cancellations of face-to-face events due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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Mar 19, 2020

The economic impact of the outbreak is growing and the global events industry, worth $1.1 trillion per year, is suffering. Flagship events such as Mobile World Congress and SXSW have been forced to cancel amid concerns of spreading the virus.

The London-based Zapnito business creates online spaces for events organizers to connect delegates throughout the year, to share content, generate engagement and provide sponsorship opportunities. Clients including the OECD, the Oystercatchers Club and Mark Allen Group, use the platform to support and enrich their live event experiences. In all of these examples, the network provides a hub of specialist learning, connection and collaboration, which is punctuated by live events.

However, during the current health pandemic, organizations are looking for entirely online solutions to power their business-critical events. Zapnito’s high quality video features and webinar integrations can quickly achieve engaging events. For those needing an urgent alternative to cancellation, Zapnito is providing a rapid service to launch an event network in just two days. There is also a two-week package that includes content, speaker, sponsor and delegate preload. 

Matthew Cianfarani, Executive Director, Mark Allen Group Digital Resources, says “We needed an urgent digital solution for our Drug Delivery & Formulation Summit in March, after a large proportion of the delegates were unable to attend in person due to health concerns. Zapnito’s platform allowed us to deliver the event experience to everyone, regardless of physical restrictions, and honor our commitments to delegates and sponsors.”

Charles Thiede, CEO of Zapnito, added, “Digital-first solutions have always added value to live events, but now we are seeing that they are a crucial component, and a viable alternative. It is calling into question the sustainability, and necessity, of flying hundreds or thousands of people to congregate in person. You can’t beat face-to-face experiences online, but you also can’t replicate that easily. Online communities offer a short-term and long-term approach to solving this problem”.

About Zapnito

Zapnito is an expert community SaaS platform that allows organizations to showcase their expertise, power their events and build relationships in an owned space. An event network can be launched as quickly as two days for the tech set-up only, or two weeks for full content migration. The platform requires no additional technical resource to run, with out-of-the-box features.


Nicola Fine, Head of Marketing, Zapnito
+44 (0) 7778588972


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Nicola Fine

Head of Marketing, Zapnito

I've worked in B2B marketing for 6 years now, across corporate events and professional services. I love digital marketing and analytics, and finding ways to make B2B as exciting as B2C.

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