Webinars: How to embed a webinar into a Zapnito private room with TwentyThree

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This ten minute guide provides an overview of both the webinar host and webinar attendee experience when a TwentyThree streamed webinar is embedded within a Zapnito private room.

You can utilise the room access control features to deliver a webinar to a controlled audience, then record and republish the event back to the community using our video publishing features.

You can also use the scheduling tools to control when and how the webinar is promoted to the community.

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Jon Beer

CTO, Zapnito

A technical leader and hands-on CTO with 17 years' experience implementing web technologies. I lead the technical delivery of the Zapnito platform, ensuring a scalable multi-tenant architecture, disruption-free daily release cycles and a highly effective development team that delivers platform enhancements for our customers. Get in touch with me to discuss your requirements for this or any Zapnito network or to share your feedback at any time.


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Nikol Chen (she/her) about 2 months ago

Hi Jon, thank you for this lovely informative video - very useful.

I am not sure I understand the advantage of having a 'deliberate lag' during a webinar - could you please kindly explain further? Do you know if this feature could be disabled?

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Christopher Sprenger about 2 months ago

Hey Nikol, the deliberate lag is to accomodate for variying internet speeds as numeous participants join. That means the e.g 5 second delay ensures the video stream arrives more or less at the same moment across all the various locations watching. It's the reason you sometimes get the moments on webinars where attendees start accidentally interrupting one another. On our Panels tool for example we built it fully synchronous which means its really real-time. If you give it a try you will notice that it's more natural having a conversation on there and you won't unintentionally be interrupting fellow attendees. 

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Matthias Gutzmann about 1 month ago

Is TwentyThree your prefered webinar partner or are there others you recommend? 

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Christopher Sprenger 29 days ago

Hey Matthias, I'd suggest them yes or Kaltura but them seem to be more insitutionalised if that makes any sense. By that I mean their tool might be almost too comprehensive and therefore less user friendly vs 23. It's also carries a higher price tag. 

I'm about to open up a customer room for select customers of our who've had to cancel their in-person events. 

I specifically asked those who'd be open to collaborating with peers around this so keep an eye out for your inviation to that room!